Humanity Has Questions About Life And Existence

innate knowledge But the Knowledge Has Eluded Us Since the Dawn Of Consciousness...
What is the meaning and secret of life?  Why does humanity suffer so greatly? What is wrong? What did the Ancients know?  These lost secrets are the most
powerful knowledge humanity can possess. Did the Ancients have this knowledge and conceal it? Or did they lose it?  Why?
  What Happened to this knowledge?
                                      Are these secrets knowable? History has shown that they are.
innate knowledge

             Humanities' Mind

myth Every Story, Every Narrative Contains a Myth...
Since the origins of human thought and language, people have told stories about themselves and their cultures -         embedded in these stories and the myths is evidence of the
   secrets, and sometimes there are pointers to the code that
   reveals the secrets. Of all the possible "epic" stories for
   humanity to create - why these ones?

wisdomWisdom - Among The Purest
Forms Of Human Impulse
In ancient times the notion of wisdom, an essential function of human consciousness was discussed. Along with wisdom 
   came compassion, peace, and a kind of quiet power rarely
   seen or understood.  Wisdom has been lost along with the
   other secrets of human consciousness. How did wisdom
   get lost? 

lifeThe Craving of Humanity Through All Time...
For Plato there was something that would be like Gold - pure and incorruptible. It was to be better than "Man", above man.
   In music for Bach it was the "Golden Braid" - a sound like
   no other. In many religions it is something like the "Golden
   Rule", some truth above man. Or it could be a "Holy Grail" -
   the Golden Chalice. In myths it is the promise of a treasure,
   a magic key, magic itself, or something indescribable
   above and beyond known experience - but always - it refers
   to something that the mind craves and humanity hungers
   for.What could the secrets be telling as about what is
   craved since the dawn of consciousness?


earthThe Craving for Truth...
The particular truths humanity wants are many.  Yet there are two very important aspects to the notion of Truth. One aspect is
 the question "Which truths
   are the solid truths - the "True" truths.  The second aspect
   is the human urge or compulsion to know truths at all. To
   seek truths, or to have a craving to seek truths indicates, on
   the face of it, that something was lost. That is to say - if we
   assume truths exist then there is something seated in the
   human mind and consciousness that is aware that
   something is missing - something which compels this
   ages old urge to find and learn truth. In contrast, it seems
   that if the important truths of life were not missing -
   humanity would not want or need to seek them. What could
   these truths be and more importantly - what is the source
   of these powerful truths humanity craves?

Your Mind Knows Something Has Been Lost. . .
It is hard coded in human biology - the mind "tells" on itself in ways little understood, and scarcely recognized: but the mind finds
   ways to reveal itself. It is an expression of an impulse to
   recover what was lost, or perhaps what was never "turned on"
   in the human experience. But clearly, humanity seeks it.


peacePeace - Humanity Has Seen Conflict For Thousands of Years. . .    
There is a connection to Peace that involves the Secrets of Consciousness that have been
  lost. What is the link of Peace to Wisdom? What is hard
  coded into our biology and consciousness that we have lost
  and that we seek as expressed through our common
  craving for peace?
  Why can't we attain it?          

realityReality - Among The Secrets Is The Way Reality Forms - Examples of  Non-Ordinary Realities Have Existed...   
There have been instances of  realities that people scarcely
   believed could exist, which have come and gone. Yet like
   Hope itself - those realities existed and they recur. What
   does our mind know about this phenomenon?
How is the
   creative urge in people related to what was lost? What in
   human consciousness inspired the urge to create the
   Sciences, Religions, Arts, and Technology? What
   questions compelled this activity on the scale it has in the
   human mind? What did the Ancients know about this
   phenomenon of reality formation?


                          dropLiterature - A Creation and Expression of Human Consciousness...   
The "Great" Literature and Texts of Humanity contain the contents of 'mind' - those
   expressions of the individual and shared consciousness
   of our species. Where humanity assumes that the ability
   for language and written words places us above all other
   species - what if it is possible that language and our
   stories - like myths - are an expression of the loss of the
   Great Secrets of Consciousness? Perhaps our great
    stories are truly no more than a symptom - a way of the
    mind attempting to express what it cannot?
    Where Literature seeks to inform, so does it seek to
    interpret and understand the human condition, or it
serves as a venue to work out the problems of
    consciousness as a diagnostic process.

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