About Lost Secrets of Consciousness

conscousnessHumanity has created many interests and disciplines of thought through the ages. While many of these appear to be progressive
to discover new things, in fact they are backward looking - to
discover aspects of human consciousness that have been lost.
Many harbour deeply held questions about the human condition:  

What is wrong, what is missing? Have you wondered why there is war? Why do
religions compete? Why is there human suffering and misery? Why are human relationships difficult? Of all the stories of humanity - why do we have the ones we
have? Of all the possible stories of human existence, why are these our stories?

Do you wonder what went wrong? Have you ever seen things go wrong in life and
asked why? Did you ever think life might have been different? Or did you ever feel
you "know" there was something else to life you couldn't quite see, understand or access?

This web site is devoted to inquiry about the nature of the human mind, the stories the mind has created, and the reasons that compelled the mind to tell stories, to create myths and to create narratives that represent our humanity. In all the forms we have created, we are attempting to diagnose the problems of humanity, to understand the nature of the losses we cannot speak of,
and to try to regain those "Secrets" of existence that we know we have lost.

Literature, Science, Art, and Religions are all stories of varying types, stories that seek to uncover
or recover, to convey, communicate and to restore varying aspects of our consciousness.
Humanity is compelled to express itself in these various ways - and at base all these forms are a
type of inquiry - the inquiry as to "what is wrong?"

Many questions arise from such an inquiry - how did these stories begin? Why did  these stories begin and how do they have such a powerful hold on our consciousness that we use them, repeat them, and occasionally modify them - yet they remain fundamentally the same? These stories and inquiries are, from a very broad perspective, attempts to put the mind of man "right." At the base of every story, every form, we find the tendency to correct something unknown that is reported as the "Mythic fall of man" which comes to us through all these forms - it has existed as a fundamental
story of human consciousness since time immemorial and across most, if not all human experience.

If humanity did not have the stories and urges we have, what would exist instead? What would we
be like? The stories we tell  are the ones that we selected, the stories we have came out of a consensus of "mind"  - a mind that enough people shared to create the agreement that these
would be our stories. In other words,  our stories do not exist for no reason - they are intentional.

But what could we have chosen instead? What if humanity had different stories? And - aren't our stories all about finding a different kind of story anyway? All our stories seek to understand 
something about our human condition and mind that we cannot quite grasp - something tentative, intangible, and ethereal. Clearly, humanity is not content just to repeat our stories, we express a desire to get beyond them - beyond ourselves. What if we could accomplish that?

When we find the Secrets we know we have lost, will everything change?  When we find
the secrets we seek, how will we be when we are restored to what we have lost? Some
have suggested that there is a parallel universe, current thinking suggests that there is
a possibility of 'multi-verses'. Are these universes "out there", or are they a function of human consciousness?

If humanity had a different consciousness or "mind" - what might that be like? Can we imagine how life and our consciousness would be without any religion, without laws, without science that seeks to answer questions, and without art that seeks to convey something about our minds to us? If we had none of these, what might we have instead?

Imagining something completely unknown in place of what we have is called a "Radical
Discontinuity" - something that can come to exist but did not come from anything before it. Our
stories have led us to attempt to do just this - to push through to another consciousness, another completely different and unknown way of existing.

The scope of these stories is immense, spanning all time, persisting since the dawn of human consciousness to the present.

To unlock the mysteries of human consciousness that are embedded in these stories is as
intriguing and compelling as anything imaginable - our consciousness is amazing - and so are
the potentials that lead out from the stories to radical discontinuities - and this can only happen
by undertaking the process of questioning the authority of our knowledge, and destabilizing the
beliefs and norms that create our realities.

It is this process of destabilization that is represented by the creation of stories at all - the
recognition that something is missing, and is found wanting in human consciousness and the
human experience. But the process is slow, and the radical discontinuity has not yet been

Interestingly, this very process has been described in the ancient Apocalyptic stories that
preceded the Genesis story by up to 3 millennium. Through time, some of the original meaning
has been lost (also interesting) in that the Apocalypse was not originally a cataclysmic event of destruction - it was merely a change. The stuff of that change was unknown, or in the ancient
stories it was known only to God and revealed to Enoch as "The future doings of God", which knowledge was never revealed and the change/Apocalypse has not yet occurred What is this
story telling us?

And so, a kind of journey into unlocking these secrets is the aim of this site - finding the Lost
Secrets that we tell on ourselves that we have lost - and doing it out of the shared mind we
have created.

It's an amazing journey, and an amazing story - and it has spanned the entirety of human consciousness.

Are there truly lost Secrets? Everything we see in life and every story and myth we have created strongly suggests that there are. The simple fact that we know there are secrets provides the motivation to reveal them.  The very fact of a consciousness that conceives of secrets at all is
telling. If there were no secrets, could we even have the capacity for secrets at all?

Since we know of the existence of the lost knowledge, we know we can find it.

And of course, some of this knowledge is contained in the secrets we think we have solved.


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