F.A.Q. for Lost Secrets of Consciousness (LSC)

 Is LSC going to reveal any of the Secrets?

Yes, LSC has come to some surprising conclusions through engaging the ideas and materials
found in the productions of humanity about human consciousness. LSC site will be part of an
effort to take a very wide ranging conception and bring it into a coherent focus and conclusion.
To that end - some of the information at first may seem somewhat dissociated - this is a natural consequence of humanity having taken a divergent approach to finding these secrets, and the
wide range of disciplines that have developed as human interests.

Is LSC one of the sites about secrets, or secrets of consciousness that are a bit "off the wall"?

No, LSC presents information and ideas that are well grounded in scholarship, observable phenomenon, analysis, and some interpretation to present new ideas based on old knowledge.
The fact that humanity has questions about itself is evident - and many of the beliefs, doctrines, religions etc. often leave people unsatisfied with what they are given. It makes sense to most
people that if any of these bodies of knowledge were truly substantial, then most of humanity
would ascribe to them and there would be little by way of conflicts of ideologies or beliefs, and
those would be consistent enough to support humanity and life.

Overall, LSC seeks to answer those questions that arise from inconsistencies and internal
conflicts in these stories and forms that leave people wanting.  Given that people crave this
type of knowledge, the attempt to learn something new about our minds and how they work
offers an intriguing opportunity to answer these persistent questions.  And throughout history
our intellectual endeavors have been nothing but trying to
learn and to understand.

Is LSC going to be an overly academic treatment or one of a more general nature suited to a broad audience?

LSC is more directed to a broad audience so that the ideas are accessible to more people as
topics of interest and discussion. The main focus is to raise some questions, pose some
possibilities that don't fit in other venues or categories, and provide an opportunity for people to engage in ways of thinking that might be outside their usual ways of thinking. LSC is more a
collection of broad speculation and conjectures about possibilities that may not have been
considered before.

Is LSC taking a strong position on any of the content presented?

LSC is intended to appeal to people who love inquiry, and who enjoy questioning
ideas and beliefs, and who share the view that humanity has some challenges. So far in history
all beliefs and knowledge have been tentative, and not all people agree on all things, hence it
seems that humanity is striving for that "Consensus of all things human" which has been elusive
and which seems to remain secret. As such, the content is mainly presented as topics of
discussion as opposed to strong positions or opinions.

 Is LSC intended for a particular type of person or group?

LSC is intended to appeal to any person(s) whether individually or within a group who share
an interest in understanding human consciousness, motives, and actions.  Many people share
in common a craving to understand their own mind, the minds of those around them and in
other places in the world, and most generally - to understand from a "bigger picture" how the
mind works. At base - LSC might appeal to people with curiosity and who find questioning things irresistible.

Is there an agenda implicit in what is presented on LSC?

Yes, the agenda on LSC is first to understand the human mind and consciousness, and also
to attempt to question knowledge,  to  answer questions that humanity has about itself that
it has encoded in its many forms of treatise, doctrines, constitutions etc., and to attempt
to understand why the human mind has formed the way it has.

How do we know humanity has questions about itself?

If we examine the types of discourse humanity has created, we see that there is a tendency
to aspire to something "higher", to attain a greater existence. There is also a strong historical tendency to end human suffering - every major genre of work including religious texts, literature,
laws, narratives, and so forth indicate this fact strongly. Further, the fact that there is still much
conflict in the world suggests that humanity struggles with fundamental issues in life.

Is LSC a religious or political venue?

This site is devoted only to inquiry about the human mind, and takes no position on any religion, spirituality, or political or philosophical ideas or beliefs.  LSC is devoted only to inquiry
about matters of the ways in which human consciousness functions.


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