Innate Knowledge

innate knowledge Humanity Has Innate Knowledge That is Fundamental to Consciousness

Innate knowledge is a type of knowledge that humanity possesses, but which seems to have become lost, or the human mind has obscured, or "hidden." 
This knowledge has been called by different names through the ages, very often called "Common Sense". Common sense referred to the kind of knowledge that was "good" sense, meaning to conduct oneself in accordance with beliefs, principles, and knowledge of ways to live
a healthy existence, to live in and belong in a community,  to be able to apprehend and distinguish what was good or bad, or right or wrong,
and as a result to experience life in ways little known or understood.

Another way we refer to this is to call it "Intuition", which is a function of human consciousness that is very difficult to describe accurately, yet we all seem to have it to some degree, or in some contexts.

Intuition is defined as:
intuition /n
1 immediate apprehension by the mind without reasoning.
2 immediate apprehension by a sense.
3 immediate insight.

The word 'immediate' also has a specific meaning for this context -
1 occurring or done at once or without delay (an immediate reply).
2 nearest, next; not separated by others (the immediate vicinity; the immediate future; my immediate neighbour).
3 most pressing or urgent; of current concern (our immediate concern was to get him to hospital).
4 (of a relation or action) having direct effect; without an intervening medium or agency (the
immediate cause of death).
5 (of knowledge, reactions, etc.) intuitive; gained or exhibited without reasoning.

which of course means with "nothing in the middle" - nothing getting in the way of the apprehension
of something which is unspoken, unseen, muted, and implies that there is nothing interfering with the connection between things or events, and the grasp of them.

Of course, that we can apprehend something that is not apparent and not connected means that we have some capacity or ability for communication and apprehension for things that aren't obvious or apparent - but are without doubt true.  What is interesting is that there appears to be two layers of reality in operation - one that is apparent and is sometimes true, but is often untrue, and another that is 'invisible' or 'unstated' or otherwise simply not plain but which is often more true, or completely true.  This implies that the mind can work on two levels, and for people who have intuition this has to rely on a base or capacity of innate knowledge somewhere in the mind.

The question that arises is this: Why does the mind operate on these different levels, one obvious and one hidden? And why do some people have innate knowledge that is more readily available to them, and why do some people have the mental connection we call "Intuition" that makes the connection to our innate knowledge much more strongly than others?

Arguably, all people have innate knowledge, it seems to be something we are born with that is given by nature (acknowledging that Psychological theories of being born a blank slate "tabula rasa" have been debunked), since this capacity is universal to all people regardless of where they are born, what color their skin, what language they use, what beliefs they hold, with the possible exceptions of injury or diminished capacity.  This innate knowledge is a psychological capacity that all people have, yet only certain numbers of people have more or less direct access to it. And too, only certain numbers of people have a developed sense of intuition.

In some circles, this innate knowledge is referred to as being the "deep center" of the mind - the kernel of consciousness that cannot be seen nor touched directly, but exists.  The question then is whether the mind naturally organizes itself into this deep center, with a peripheral mind that operates in a different mode, and with an occasional 'intuition' and insight into the deeper and more true reality of a given situation or human interaction.

And another question arises: While there are people who lack intuition or direct access to innate knowledge, why is it that some have it readily available to them? A possibility arises;  that we all have it and it gets lost (Lost Secrets stuff), or perhaps there is another - and deeper secret.

More to come.


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