hope Peace, or the striving for peace is one of the most interesting aspects of human consciousness..

To exist in peace is something that humanity has craved since time immemorial,
yet as a species seems incapable of being able to accomplish. If violence were
a normal and acceptable part of existence, it would be accepted and no issue would be  made of
the fact of violence. But the craving for peace suggests that there is something problematic in principle and in fact about violence.  What is the source of the craving for peace, and is that
source legitimate in the context of the history of violence humanity has seen? If the source of the craving for peace is legitimate - and people want to survive and to thrive, what can this tell us
about the state of human consciousness that peace eludes us?

Much has been written about Peace, yet somehow these writings and efforts by people to share
their insights and knowledge into peace escape the very people who need them. No words have
yet solved the concern for peace; in fact, if anything it seems that humanity is afraid of peace for some obscure reason. Is it possible that humanity is less afraid of violence than of peace? How
could this be and what would this mean to our entire way of thinking about and craving peace?

It is true that peace and violence originate in the mind - how then is it that the mind can struggle
with the aspect of life, or the state of life that actually gives life and supports and confirms life?
How can the mind tend toward the state that creates so much misery, suffering, destruction, and waste, when the more positive and life fulfilling state is a very real potential when there is violence, and a very real actuality when it is attained?

What is it about the human mind that struggles with the confusion, destruction and hopelessness
of violence and war, when the boundless possibilities offered by peace are entirely within  our
grasp? When we see images of our planet we feel a sense of awe at the beauty, the enormity,
and the fragility of life within an immense Universe.

From that perspective, it is difficult to comprehend how anyone would want to squander life, or
even lose it in conflicts that from a much greater perspective seem trivial. Or, such conflicts and problems seem unfounded and purposeless except to satisfy some illegitimate end. Yet humans
do fight, do engage in conflicts of many kinds, and do squander and lose or take life. In the face of
the amazing fact of life - how could this be?

What is it that the human mind lost to end up as it is and for so long?

The Poet Kahlil Gibran wrote "Have you Peace, the quiet urge that reveals your power?"  If it is
true that Peace is a type of power, how is it that might and violence are seen to be power when
they end in destruction, and destruction is the opposite of life? What form of thinking or reason
comes to this blindness or wrong conclusion?

How is it that power is mistaken for control over others, rather than freedom within oneself?

And what is it that we do not understand about Peace that makes it so elusive?

More to come.

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