truth Truth - what it means and what it is - is one of the most compelling attributes and functions of human consciousness. There are competing conceptions of what constitutes truth, or truth in a given context.

Truth is a term that is used usually with little or no thought about how it functions
or what it is. Yet people assume that they "know" what truth is. How is it that something which by
its very name suggests something that is irrefutable, has strength, and is immutable, can suffer
the vagaries of mere belief, or preference according to an individual or group consensus? Can we assume that truth might be universal in itself since it seems to be a function of human
consciousness that is universal to all humanity?

There is a tendency in humanity to attempt to refer to what is "true", a tendency that has survived through all time and persists in current times. As such, the loss of fundamental human truths
disturbs humanity insofar as humanity continues to seek truth.

While it can be argued that the notion of truth is a relative term, or particular truths are relative,
there is still a hunger in humanity to know and to realize some sort of Truth that is above all others.
Can we assume this is right? Should humanity be looking for something more substantial and
stable or is it possible the desire for a higher truth is just a misbegotten idea? Or is it reasonable
to assume that there truly is a possibility that the mind knows something is missing and is trying
to seek it by whatever means it can?

As yet, time and history have not given us the answers, so we continue to seek and aspire to the nature of truth and to somehow try to attain it - wherever truth is important to us. For example, in instances where there has been wrong doing and people are called upon to discriminate and
judge the guilt or innocence of a person - the requisite was to have a jury of peers that were "Tried
and True", or "Good and True."  In this context it was meant that people who had solid life
experience and had actually been tested in some way by life and who had integrity would be those
to judge. And it meant people of good will, seeking only what was right and fair, what was honest
and just.

In this case the word "True" had a specific and very important meaning - and a very unique
meaning. It implied that a person could be and was genuine, loyal to justice and accuracy, was
honest and would be able to know a sense of right and wrong and who possessed the powers of mind to discriminate properly. And, someone who was "Tried or Good, and True" was someone
who would deal with the kernel of the issue without any bias except what was right and true, and
just - correct in every sense.

It is important to be aware that all these words are merely words - they indicate and appeal to some shared sense of human consciousness that people can understand on some level - perhaps below the limen of consciousness.  The fact of sensing or "knowing" what is Truth or what what is "True" is perhaps a more intangible quality of human consciousness than is normally seen, or typically in evidence in human interactions - but it is one that essentially all people can apprehend whether by word or by action. These words are just attempts to convey some quality of experience of humans - and motives borne of human consciousness.

And the fact of the need to communicate in ways that attempt to seek and define Truth and True things suggests a fundamental loss on an enormous scale throughout humanity and throughout history. In fact, examples of "True" people seem to be rare, and of those who are widely known -
they are often revered.

How is it that a quality of humanity that all people have the capacity to recognize should be so rare
in fact and experience that people who can and do demonstrate it become revered for it? What
does this say about the common consciousness of humanity? How could such an important
attribute be so lost to so many? And what are we telling about ourselves to exist with this state of things? How significant is it to be aware of this loss?

What is the appeal of truth to people that it can be percieved and understood on many levels, yet is elusive for many?

More to come.

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